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Foundation Learning Webinars

Curious about how to enhance your high school achievements? Uncertain about the next steps in preparing for college applications? Foundation Learning's high school webinar series is here to demystify the process and equip you with the competitive advantage necessary to elevate your chances of acceptance!

Our dedicated team of admissions experts and experienced tutors are committed to providing valuable insights and insider knowledge to help you stand out and fortify your high school profile. Drawing from their experiences serving on admissions committees at renowned institutions, our panelists guide you through essential high school preparation concepts step-by-step.

We are committed to making our webinars accessible and valuable for high school students. Our free webinars clarify the roadmap of high school, empowering you to pave your path confidently. The webinar library is continuously expanding as our experts routinely address high school and college application topics, ensuring you're well-prepared for your future.

College Admissions Webinar Categories To Help You Succeed 

Foundation Learning's high school webinar series continually expands, offering a diverse range of video content covering broad and niche topics in our extensive library. Explore our main categories designed specifically for high school students:

  • College application prep webinars
  • Extracurricular enrichment webinars
  • SAT/ACT preparation webinars
  • Admissions process webinars

But how do these webinars help you strategically position yourself as the best college applicant while still in high school? Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Navigate the college admissions process: Our webinars comprehensively understand the college admissions journey. Walk through each step of the application cycle, ensuring you are well informed and prepared at every stage.
  • Insight into college expectations: Learn what top colleges are looking for in applicants. Our webinars look into the significance of application components and experiences, enabling you to tailor your high school achievements to align with the expectations of prestigious institutions.
  • Enhance your admission profile: Discover how your personal traits, experiences, unique background, and diverse interests can converge to make you an outstanding candidate. Our videos guide you in standing out and letting your high school experience shine.

At Foundation Learning, we are dedicated to the success of high school students. Dive into our free, exclusive college prep for high schoolers' webinar library to unlock your potential today!

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