Our History

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Foundation Learning has helped students strive for academic excellence for over 14 years. Our commitment to learning and growth has helped countless students actualize their academic goals through detailed, compassionate instruction. Our three guiding principles uphold our dedication to accessible learning:
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A Student-First Approach

A student-first approach means we consider the needs, preferences, aspirations, and input of every student we work with. Working at a comfortable pace ensures student stress is minimized while fostering their love for learning. Over time, we teach self-directed learning strategies to help students build confidence and motivation to tackle new and exciting academic challenges.
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Accessible Education For All

Not all curriculums are created equal; it’s normal for students to feel stuck or fall behind at some point in their school careers. We aim to identify and bridge knowledge gaps first, then use this foundational knowledge to help students get (and stay) ahead.

Actionable Tutoring Strategies Lead to Success

Marked performance improvements begin with cutting-edge tutoring strategies. We only work with the most talented, compassionate tutors dedicated to student success. We go deeper than content tutoring – we teach valuable lifelong skills students will carry with them through school, college, and beyond.
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