Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the backgrounds of your tutors and admissions counselors?

All of our tutors are 99th percentile test takers and attended top colleges and universities. On top of this, our tutors are all veteran teachers and tutors with at least five years of teaching and/or tutoring experience; and our counselors are often former admissions officers. 

Can we pick our tutor and admissions counselor? What happens if we don’t like our tutor?

Picking the right tutor can be tricky, so we do the hard work for you! Our dedicated student success team evaluates the learning styles, college choices, and schedules of each student before matching them with tutors and counselors. Having the right tutor or counselor is of utmost importance, and we try to get it right the first time. However, we also understand that not every match is perfect. No matter the reason, if you feel like your tutor or counselor isn’t the right fit for you, we are happy to rematch at any time during your tutoring.

Do you offer a trial session?

It’s difficult to gauge the success of a program in just one session. That’s why instead of a trial session we offer a 3 session money back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your or your student’s experience during the first three sessions, we’ll refund you for the remainder of your package.

Are your tutors equipped to teach the Digital SAT?

Yes, we are fully prepared to tackle the new digital SAT format. Our tutors are fully knowledgeable of the changes to the exam, and have a wide range of resources to choose from. We have a large test bank with 23 full length practice tests, 200+ video lessons, and 2000+ practice questions.

Do you have any referrals we can speak with?

We keep our parents and students' information confidential to ensure their privacy; however, we do have a long list of success stories and testimonials you can check out!

What sets Foundation Learning apart from other tutoring and college consulting firms?

A couple of things set us apart from other firms. First, Foundation Learning exclusively offers private tutoring and counseling services. This ensures every inch of your students' plan can be customized directly to their nand tutors have scored in the 99th percentile on college entrance exams and are from top colleges and universities. On top of that, we put all of our counselors and tutors through an extensive vetting process - allowing less that 3% of applicants to join our team.

What are your success rates?

On average, our students see a 220+ point increase on their SAT and a 7+ point increase on their ACT. We have a 96% acceptance rate for our students at their top choice colleges and universities! 

What’s the difference between the new digital SAT and the paper and pencil version?

There are some key differences between the two formats. A couple notable differences are the digital test's shorter length and adaptability. The digital SAT is now 2 hours and 14 minutes, compared to the lengthy 3 hours paper test (3 hours and 50 minutes including optional essay) The The DSAT is adaptive, meaning your score on the first module will decide the level of difficulty of the second module. This will present you with questions tailored to your abilities so you can be confident that you're going to end up with an accurate score. Check out this chart which shows the digital SAT’s differences in format, structure, section layout, and more. Our new DSAT prep programs and our tutors have adapted to the new digital format!

Are there two separate tutors in the DSAT/ACT tutoring plus long term college readiness program?

Along with your dedicated tutor, you will also work 1:1 with your college admissions expert coming from a top university who will be working with you one on one with each part of the application. So it's two separate people, two separate profiles. One is an expert on digital SAT/ACT and test prep, the other is an expert on story development, story editing and understanding of the top colleges.

How is the College Admissions Counseling Program structured?

Our College Admissions Counseling program offers two main services: College Candidacy Development and End-to-End Application Support. In the first phase, your advisor assists with academic planning, leadership development, extracurriculars, and portfolio building. Then, as you near application deadlines, we provide comprehensive support for every aspect of the application process, including interviews, essays, and selecting the right mix of schools.

Do you offer a free diagnostic digital SAT/ACT practice test?

Once you begin tutoring with us, you will have the option to take a free diagnostic exam. Based on the results, your student’s dedicated tutor will assess strengths and weaknesses based on test results to structure tutoring needs appropriately and help decide whether the digital SAT or ACT is a better fit.

What if my student needs tutoring for multiple subjects and tests?

Our tutors are experienced in multiple subjects, including the digital SAT and ACT. We will match you with a tutor who is experienced in the subjects you need tutoring in. We may need to match you with two tutors if there are many subjects needed, to ensure thorough coverage. Your student’s dedicated tutor will create a custom study and learning plan specifically tailored to their needs.

Is ninth grade too young to start tutoring for the digital SAT/ACT?

Ninth grade is a great time to begin digital SAT/ACT tutoring. We will start by practicing for the PSAT or the Practice ACT. The math section on the tests include questions up to Algebra II. Practice over a longer period of time will make test day a breeze, with time to significantly boost that score!

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