Foundation Learning’s Expertise Leads to Tangible Academic Performance Improvements

Our expert tutors help transform frustration into confidence, stress into success, and uneasiness into excitement! We help students boost their academic performance by up to 3x by teaching them fundamental knowledge and skills.
Our end-to-end college application counseling gives you the tools and expert editing you need to gain acceptance to the most selective undergraduate programs. We customize every part of your application and perfect it, from the CommonApp to your interviews and more.
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The Numbers Speak For Themselves:
See How Foundation Learning Gets Results

Of Parents Reported Their Child’s Academic Performance Increased
Of Students Increased Their Performance By At Least One Letter Grade
Of Parents Reported A Positive Change In Their Child’s Attitude Toward Learning

Foundation Learning Boosts SAT, ACT, SSAT,
ISEE, and HSPT Scores

Point Average SAT Score Increase
Point Average ACT Score Increase
Of Students Score Higher Than The 85th Percentile On The SSAT
Average Stanine Score Increase on the ISEE
Average Stanine Score Increase on the HSPT

What Foundation Learning Parents Have to Say

“My son was so pleased to see his first A on his report card! I can’t be more proud of him.”
“Homework time was always stressful in my home, often leading to my daughter close to tears and me at a loss on how to help her. Foundation Learning has changed her relationship to learning and homework – no more stressful kitchen table discussions!”
“I never thought I’d see a day where my son wasn’t dreading his math homework. Now, he zips through problems quicker than I’ve ever seen. He gets them all correct too!”
“Foundation Learning helped my daughter boost her SAT score by 180 points! We couldn’t be happier with her experience.”
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