Sarah Adams

Sarah is an experienced tutor who brings her wealth of knowledge to educating students across a diverse range of subjects, including Math, English, and Science.

Sarah received her Bachelor’s in Language and Cultural Studies and Plant Biology at Sarah Lawrence College in May 2023. Sarah has certifications in teaching English as a first language with her TEFL/TESOL 200-Hour Level 5 Diploma. She has gained experience as an online English teacher at Hallo English and worked as a private tutor to two children in ESOL. Sarah has briefly worked as an Italian tutor where she showcased near-native fluency. She has displayed strong written and verbal skills through her work as a personal assistant to Ruth Walter, a well-known politician, and as a peer mentor at Sarah Lawrence College. Since graduating, Sarah has taken on roles such as:

  • English Teacher at Hallo English
  • English Tutor at Cambly
  • Certified Language and Culture Expert at Filo
  • Author at FirstTutors
  • Italian Language and Culture Intern at the Center for Italian Modern Art

Sarah has experience tutoring Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students with conversation, vocabulary, and grammar. Counseling more than 27 students within a single year, Sarah has demonstrated her effectiveness and commitment to guiding young adults, children, and adults toward feeling at ease while learning a new language.

Sarah has developed an extensive course for newcomers at Sarah Lawrence College titled “Belonging at SLC.” This course aims to familiarize students with various facets of college life, including building academic confidence, encouraging student involvement and leadership, understanding diversity and equity, and introducing the college's resources. Motivated by her desire to improve the experience of new students, Sarah played a key role in shaping this course. This experience demonstrates her capability to adapt teaching strategies to meet diverse needs, foster a sense of community among learners, and equip students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in new and challenging environments.

Throughout her career, Sarah has championed the cause of online tutoring. She holds the conviction that remote learning offers significant advantages to students by eliminating obstacles like transportation, thereby making education more accessible. Having assisted numerous students in becoming proficient in a new language, Sarah is committed to pursuing her passion for fostering a supportive and comfortable learning atmosphere for students of every age.