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The way students learn and grow is changing, which is why we provide the transformative, one-on-one online tutoring students need to navigate new challenges and springboard to success.
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New York City Academic Tutoring That Drives
Positive Student Outcomes

Test Score Improvements
Foundation Learning students boost SAT scores by an average of 160 points and ACT scores by 4.
Coursework Success
Most Foundation Learning students increase their performance by at least one letter grade.
Increased Confidence
As knowledge and scores soar, students feel empowered and proud of their achievements.

New York City Students See Up to 3X More Academic Score Improvement Driven By:

Country’s Leading Tutors With Multiple Years of Experience
Effective Problem-Solving Strategies & Smart Study Habits
Personalized Tutoring Programs for Students In Grades K - 12
Expertly Designed Curriculum With Student Success In Mind

Online Tutoring in New York City

1:1 Customized Tutoring

Unlike in-person tutoring, there are no other students present to slow down your child’s learning.

Have The Country’s Leading Teachers Mentoring Your Child

We work with established professional tutors – there’s no need to compromise by having a college student or recent graduate coach your child.

Seamless Integration Into Your Busy Life

Say goodbye to commuting and managing pick ups and drop offs between work and your other responsibilities.

Personalized, Regular Communication

Enjoy consistent communication and regular progress reports on your child’s academic journey. There’s no need to visit tutoring centers to check your child’s progress – we send them to you regularly to review at your convenience.

Teaching Built Around Your Child’s Needs and Timelines

Unlike in-person tutoring, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach at Foundation Learning – we consider your child’s goals and their deadlines for assignments, homework, and exams to create a tutoring plan.
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Foundation Learning Case Studies: Student Outcomes

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Randee’s tutoring style fits perfectly with the way I like to learn. Reviewing problems with her during our sessions helped me learn new ways to tackle concepts I feel we rushed through in high school math class. Thanks to Foundation Learning, my Ivy League dreams have come true! 

With Gabriel's guidance my high school career took a positive turn! His insightful advice helped me choose and excel in meaningful activities that mirrored my interests and helped me build up my leadership skills. From founding a chess club at my school to getting into a top pre-college summer program, Gabriel's support empowered me. He also helped me create a stellar college application! 

I was paired with an exceptional  counselor who helped me through the intricate application journey. His guidance not only assisted me in recognizing my strengths but also motivated me to aim higher—the Ivy League! I cannot express enough gratitude for the encouragement and expertise. Foundation Learning was instrumental in my journey—thanks for helping me hit all every milestone confidently! 

I was surprised to see my score so low after I took my first ACT practice test at home. Although I could have gone the test-optional route, I wanted to be fully transparent and show top schools I have what it takes to succeed. That’s when I found Foundation Learning, and my tutor helped me raise my ACT score by 10 points. I’ve already recommended Foundation Learning to my friends in grades 10 and 11!

The team at Foundation Learning deserves all the praise. My counselor surpassed all expectations in his efforts to help me craft essays that really captured my personality and ambitions. With his guidance, I felt equipped throughout the entire college admissions timeline. I accepted my offer at Duke University with a full-ride scholarship thanks to FL! 

Tom helped me tackle my test anxiety and work on my time management. These two things have made working through exams challenging for me for most of my time in high school. Together, we helped build my confidence, identify coping strategies, and drive home key ACT concepts. Thanks!

Amanda's expert feedback proved to be exactly what I needed to elevate my application to Ivy League schools from merely good to awesome! After countless revisions and self-doubt, I was really tired of looking at my application documents. However, Amanda’s help gave my application documents a chance to transform it into something I was genuinely proud of. Thank you so much!

Getting the top score on the ACT wasn’t a huge shock after the level of prep I received from Foundation Learning. Boosting my score by 8 points felt easier with so many tailored homework assignments and sessions with my tutor. Their guidance inspired me to do my best.

Choosing Foundation Learning for SAT prep and college admissions consulting was one of the best choices we ever made! I’ve been dreaming of MIT since I was in grade 8, and working with Cole to get there made the whole process so smooth and easy. The turnaround time on editing was really quick and I had more than enough time to perfect my personal statement and make the most of my supplemental essays.

From the very first call, I could see that Eric’s personality and approach to ACT prep would mesh with what I had in mind. I was worried my vocabulary and reading skills weren’t up to par, so he ensured my plan centered more on English topics and taught me time management techniques.

While math has always come easily to me, reading and writing was a whole other story. I knew my DSAT Math score wouldn’t be enough to get me into a top college, so I started searching and found Foundation Learning. I found the weekly assignments and practice questions helpful as I gained more confidence in my vocabulary and comprehension skills. 

Surpassing 1500 on the DSAT and getting into Stanford weren’t things I had on my 2023 bingo card. I worked hard to get here, but I also have Foundation Learning to thank! 

Foundation Learning worked around my busy schedule, and my tutor was accessible throughout my prep program. My tutor went above and beyond to ensure his points hit home, using methods and analogies that made sense to me. This tutoring experience has been life-changing, and I can’t wait to see what waits for me at Harvard! Thanks, Foundation Learning!

Your Tailored Academic Journey

Intake Form
We start by learning more about you and your child’s goals, needs, and aspirations.
Step 1
Skills Evaluation
Your child will complete our specialized Skills Evaluation to identify their strengths and improvement areas.
Step 2
Tutor Match
Our matching process ensures your child is paired with an expert tutor passionate about their success.
Step 3
Receive a Tailored Study Plan
The intake form, Skills Evaluation, and our findings help us formulate a detailed, customized tutoring plan.
Step 4
An Expertly Designed Curriculum
Our curriculums are built from the ground up and follow the state standard of learning to ensure your child has the tools to reach new academic heights.
Step 5
One-on-One Tutoring Sessions
Private tutoring sessions allow your child to ask questions, receive feedback, and get high-level guidance on next steps.
Step 6
Regular Performance Updates
The short turnaround time on grading ensures you and your child receive results sooner. Our progress tracker ensures students, parents, and tutors stay connected and informed.
Step 7
Prepare for Upcoming Tests/Assignments
We help prepare our students for upcoming tests, exams, and assignments. Your tutor will add these dates and deadlines into the tutoring plan to ensure nothing gets missed.
Step 8
Request Topics As Needed
If you want us to help your child through a particular topic or want us to provide additional assignments to accelerate their learning, we welcome parent involvement and requests. 
Step 9
Enjoy Academic Excellence
Foundation Learning students can see 3x academic score improvements throughout their programs!
Step 10

Tutoring And Test Prep Programs To Support Your Unique Needs

Academic Tutoring

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Test Prep

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Our Programs Have Helped Thousand Of Students From Diverse Backgrounds Unlock Their Academic Potential

“With no problems working through math and science courses, I didn’t think I needed tutoring until I nearly failed a Spanish test. I knew I needed support, and I’m happy that my tutor helped me catch up and even get ahead.”
“From the very first call, I knew Foundation Learning was passionate about helping students realize their full potential. The questions they asked and active listening sold me. Thanks to them, my daughter has raised her science grade by a whole letter.”
“The homework help program is truly a life saver. Curriculums appear to change a lot from when I was in school, and it was really frustrating that I couldn’t help my child with their homework. Now, I can feel assured that they’re getting the help they need.”
“My tutor helped me work through my AP Statistics work. The schedule she built using my input wasn;t overwhelming, and it was super easy to stick to!”
“I love that Foundation Learning builds a schedule that works for everyone. I never have to move around my to-do list, and it’s even better that it’s online, so it saves me from loading all the kids into the car twice a week.”
“Essay writing has always been a weakness of mine, but going back to basics with my tutor helped me realize I was missing some key points I needed to know (like how to develop a good thesis statement!). I’ve seen the results of her teaching in action – I scored a 97% on my last essay-writing exam!”
“We can’t thank Foundation Learning enough for the guidance they provided our child. While I’m not one to usually write reviews, I feel that more parents should know just how much Foundation Learning cares about the success of their students. Cheers!”
“I truly enjoyed my experience with Foundation Learning. The knowledge I learned and the support my tutor gave me gave me the courage to challenge myself and enroll in two AP classes this year!”
“My son loves going to his Foundation Learning tutoring sessions; this says a lot, considering he usually grumbles about anything to do with school and homework. I’m thankful to see his attitude has taken a positive turn!”
“I knew that taking AP classes would be difficult, but I wasn’t expecting to feel so behind. My tutor helped me boost my self-esteem and showed me that I can handle difficult courses, as long as I have the right tools.”
“There’s nothing I take more pride in as a parent than watching my daughter flourish and learn as she grows. Seeing her take her C- in English last year to a B+ this year was incredible, and I have Foundation Learning to thank!”
“I always thought I took great notes in class, but studying for my 9th grade tests showed me otherwise. Foundation Learning showed me that there’s much more to learning than writing content down – you need to understand it and apply it.”
“Languages have never come easily to me, but I really wanted to challenge myself with a French class elective. Learning how to write and read was even more challenging than speaking for me. I’m happy my tutor taught me about proper conjugations, verb usage, and sentence structure!”
“I thought having my daughter attend a top private school was out of reach based on an SSAT practice test she took. She was upset too – I reached out to Foundation Learning to not only help her boost her score, but to have her understand the value of hard work and taking charge to make positive changes.”
“Math classes were never pleasant for me. I used to drag my feet everyday to my classroom, and never wanted to raise my hand – everyone around me seemed to understand, and I’d be frustrated that I didn’t. Foundation Learning helped me build confidence and understand concepts I wasn’t grasping in class. Now, I don’t have to dread math class anymore!”
“Foundation Learning helped me understand AP Physics concepts, especially circular motion and gravitation. Thanks to my tutor’s guidance (and my hard work!) I managed to score a 5 on my AP exam.”
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